TikTok Advertising for Fashion Brands

TikTok Advertising for Fashion Brands

TikTok Advertising for Fashion Brands

While most industries have been affected in their growth by Covid-19, the advertising sector displayed increased customer spending in year 2021 (Statista, 2022).

The online market research platform Statista also reported that the advertising market is expected to reach a trillion USD valuation by year 2026.

As far known, most capital employment in advertising originated from North America. At second place is Asia followed by Western Europe.

Biggest Spender on Advertisement in the Game

  • Procter & Gamble (No.1 Global Advertiser in year 2020)
  • Unilever
  • L’Oréal
  • Amazon 

Why Should You Advertise With TikTok?

Indahash, a global influencer marketing has conducted a social media study with over two-thousand participants.

In their research report (which is free accessible online) Tiktok has been mentioned as the most downloaded app within the first quarter of year 2020. (Indahash, 2022)


Advertising on TikTok Step by Step Guide Fashion Aftermath


How Does TikTok Compete Against Other Advertising Services?

The video app that firstly launched on the Chinese market has been placing itself as the most popular social media platform in year 2022 (Statista, 2022).

Let´s introduce some key figures about ByteDance´s advertising services. A ranking comparing the revenue of advertising generated by all winning (media) companies in year 2021 shows Google at the top with 192 billion USD.

Google is followed by Facebook with 114,9 billion USD in advertising revenue.

Bytedance (or Tiktok) ranks on top three with astonishing 38.6 billion USD in revenues won in year 2021 (Statista, 2022).

Best Advertising Platforms or Businesses Ranked by Revenue

The market research company Statista published a ranking online, featuring the most successful advertising platform out there at this current time. Please find the top fifteen (15) providers below in bullet points. (Statista, 2022).


  • Google (168 billion $)

  • Instagram (78 billion $)

  • Facebook (58 billion $)

  • Amazon (44 billion $)

  • Alimama (42 billion $)

  • Douyin (42 billion $)

  • Youtube (35 billion $)

  • Baidu (15 billion $)

  • WeChat (9 billion $)

  • Kuaishou (8 billion $)

  • Twitter (6 billion $)

  • Snapchat (5 billion $)

  • QQ/QZone (5 billion $)

  • TikTok (4 billion $)

  • Pinterest (3 billion $)

Step by Step Instruction to Join TikTok for Business

The social media giant offers advertising services to accounts that aim to increase online sales, boost app downloads, promote brand recognition, or create a wider community.

So, how does it work if you are ready to start advertising your personal or corporate brand?

Read further, and review our step by step guide to launch your ads on TikTok.

Furthermore, TikTok (Bytedance) claims to have their customers equipped no matter what your goal is.

Common intentions may be spending options, simplicity of setup, and effective ad distribution.

1. Set up account
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Accept Commercial terms
  • Subscribe to emails with new, events, and other information from

2. Select your marketing or advertising objective

3. Set up your own budgets, the targeting and bidding method of choice

4. Review your ad set-up

5. Publish!

Advantages to Join Tik Tok Advertising

Global Reach & Exclusive Access to Potential Customers

First, and most importantly, TikTok has the reach to get your fashion brand out there to potential customers.

The mobile social media application for has users from more than 150 countries worldwide.

It also supports more than 75 languages, more than any over alike platform in the world.

Self-claimed, TikTok reported that one in four of its users are not on any other platform speaking for a huge (marketing) advantage for brands to make use of.

Content-focused Platform to Communicate your Brands & Engage with Prospects

Secondly, the platform promotes content above any other components of its success-strategy.

With the intelligent set up, TikTok ensures that users have the possibility to discover your or other businesses´ content without specifically looking for it.

In return, this leads to longer session times and higher engagement.

The Importance of Visual Experience & Emotional Connection

Furthermore, the app experience is based on ´immersive, full screen and sound-on experience´ (TikTok, 2022).

The Chinese social media company promotes the emotional connection among creators and their audience though music and audio.

Therefore, you can make the most out of 100% of the phone screen for an improved visible experience.

Simplified Campaign Set-up and creative Tools for Content Creation

Utilising internal TikTok tools, you may produce advertisements that complement user-generated content in order to increase your chances of being found.

You may use hundreds of pre-made templates to create interesting advertising with the help of TikTok's creative partners, including Vimeo and Canva.

TikTok Ads Managers

  • You can quickly share your items with the platform's 100 million users in Europe with the help of TikTok Ads Manager's quick and easy setup process.
  • Reach your target audience by using bespoke and target lookalike audiences.
  • Install Pixel on your website so you can monitor your progress using a dashboard of live statistics.
  • You have total control over your spending thanks to TikTok Ads Manager's customizable budgeting and bid mechanisms.
  • With the array of potent in-app creative tools—AR effects, transitions, filters, and text—take your advertisements fully onto TikTok.
  • To get noticed, the secret is to create like a user.
  • Additionally, the platform provide tools in its Creative Centre that make it simple and quick for you to repurpose your current content for TikTok.

Marketing Goals on TikTok

  • Build a community and interact with your audience

Having an online community as a small business enables customer loyalty. If you want to read more about the benefits of building an online community read here

  • Drive Brand awareness
  • Find new customers and increase online sales
  • Retarget and sell to existing customers
  • Turn prospects into leads
  • Launch ads within minutes


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