Meet Sustainable Wine: Borough Market Wines in Central London

Meet Sustainable Wine: Borough Market Wines in Central London


Meet Sustainable Wines in Borough Market!

If you're a wine enthusiast, a sustainability advocate or a mix of both, then look no further as Fashion Aftermath has the hottest summer tip for you to visit!

Hidden away in the crowded area of Borough Market, in a small corner, just steps away from the popular juice and strawberry chocolate stand, you will find a great selection of wines.

Not only are these hand selected, but as you might have guessed, there is a sustainable twist!

You will find a great and different selection from all regions of the world.

We took a closer look on the wines from Europe. 



Speaking with the manager of the booth, Emily, we got an insight on the wine industry and the procedure of curation.

Emily was very knowledgable, having been working at the Borough market stand for 4 years, and even longer in the wine industry.

She is open to answer any questions you might have, and ready to give suggestions.

They have a different selective approach, giving their customers a curated selection.

As you can see, some of the bottles have a white stripe under the label.

Speqaking more with Emily, we were told that these wines were not imported already bottled.

The wines were chosen for their grapes and notes and imported in a big 1000 litre barrel. To be locally bottled, labeled and sold.

The labels and bottles are chosen by the store owners, and you will find colorful, patterned and descriptive labels.



These wines go through a greater selection process, and only the best are selected for import.

If you have a look around the store, you will see that around half of the bottles have a stripe on them.

If you choose one of these, you can trust it was curated according to high standards.

Not only will you find a very interesting selection, but you also have experts readily available to give you a personalized selection.

They can advice you on everything from the flavor notes, whether it is dry or fruity, what food it goes with and what kind occasion the wine accompanies best.



Now to the sustainable aspect!

Walking into this stand, there was something that grabbed my attention immediately.

It was not the vast selection of wines, but the taps at hand.

At first, I thought they must be selling a selection of drought beers as well. Or beer to have on the go. But no!

You will find empty bottles throughout the shop, these are meant to be filled with the wine of your choice!



Before making your decision, you are free to try any wine that is on tap!

You can ask for cunsultation on what you are looking for, and served accordingly.

For us, we wanted to try their white and rosé wines.

We had a rosé first, which was light and leaning to fruity. Personally, at Fashion Aftermath, we love the dry wines. This was not going to be our specific choice. 

Then, Emily asked if we had tried an orange wine before. We both got a cup to try. This wine was full bodied, dry and had an aftertaste of spices, leaving your tongue intrigued.

Emily further explained that this wine was great with a meal, specifically something complex and even spicy. 

Then we got to try another wine, a white and dry French import. This one, she said, was perfect for mingling and a good choice for a casual drinks with friends.

As you say, third ones the charm!

We decided on this wine, and we got to fill up the bottle ourselves, which is a nice added experience!




After out tasting, we decided on 2 wines, of course we had to jump on the deal to bottle one ourselves.

As you can see, the bottle is nice and discreet.

Be sure to remember what wine you got, as the label is plain and the bottle meant to be reused!



And as the selection was looking too tempting, we also went with one that had been specifically curated and already bottled. As seen by the white stripe. 

We went with a dry Italian white, which did not disappoint! 

Fresh apple notes, with a hint of peach. Dry and light, perfect for a summer day.




Not to forget the sustainable aspect, the bottle you fill up is yours to bring back, refill and re-enjoy!

You pay £3 for the glass bottle, and make sure you save it!

Once you have finished your wine, you can go back to the stand with your empty bottle, and fill it up again with a different choice of wine.

Which this time around, will also come at a cheaper price point! Not to forget that you can have a new round of tasting to try something completely different.

They import different wines all year round, which means the selection will always be varied, and might not be the same at every visit! 

This allows you to taste the worlds different grapes, at a low price point, making it sustainable not only for the nature, but also for your wallet.

If you are looking to go, you will find them at Boroughwines.

Emily also let us know, that they have a separate online website at


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