Sustainable Fashion Degrees: Pursue a 'Green' Career in Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Degrees: Pursue a 'Green' Career in Fashion

Combining Passion for Fashion with Sustainability

In recent years, the fashion industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, with sustainability emerging as a driving force behind innovation and change. As consumers increasingly demand ethically produced and environmentally friendly clothing, the need for professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate this new landscape has never been greater.

Enter sustainable fashion degrees – the gateway to a 'green' career in fashion. In this article, we'll explore the growing trend of sustainable fashion education and why pursuing a degree in this field could be your ticket to making a meaningful impact in the fashion industry while actively championing a more sustainable future.



Here are some of the most relevant sustainable fashion degrees in Europe:


MA Fashion Futures

London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London), UK

The London College of Fashion, UAL, is a globally renowned institution in fashion design, media, and business education. For over a century, we have been fostering creative talent, offering comprehensive courses in all aspects of fashion. With more than 70 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, alongside 165 short courses spanning every subject, we encourage our students to explore the past and challenge the present. We inspire them to develop bold, assertive ideas that address social and political issues. We equip them with the skills, opportunities, and freedom to bring these ideas to life (Linkedin, 2024).

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 15 months
  • Language: English
  • Campuses: London College of Fashion
  • Application fee: UCAS, variable
  • Tuition fee/year: Home fee for UK nationals GBP 13,330 per year, International fee GBP 28,570 per year
  • Entry requirements: Honours degree at 2.1 min. In a similar field. Alternative qualifications are considered also, overall IELTS results of 7.0 for English language skills

Course Aim & Content

The MA Fashion Futures program places sustainability at the core of fashion practice, aiming to shape a new generation of practitioners who prioritize environmental, social, economic, and cultural considerations.

In this innovative course, students are encouraged to explore experimental fashion practices and theoretical perspectives simultaneously, aiming to conceptualize a transformed fashion system that prioritizes nature and fosters economic prosperity.

Utilizing their own knowledge and experiences, students identify new frontiers for fashion and utilize novel technologies to communicate ideas related to sustainable design to diverse audiences.

Critical fashion practice and reflective thinking are emphasized, allowing students to challenge existing paradigms and develop personal responses to the role of fashion in a changing world.

The program takes a systems thinking approach, examining fashion's social, cultural, environmental, and economic dimensions across local and global scales.

It provides a space for experimentation with new ideas and prototyping, empowering students to align principles with their individual strengths, interests, and aspirations.

The course is closely linked to the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, offering research-led teaching and technical support from the Digital Learning Lab.


BA in Sustainability in Fashion (Closed)

ESMOD International University of Art for Fashion, France / Berlin, Germany

ESMOD Twenty schools in thirteen countries form a unique, creative, and cohesive network, spreading ESMOD's expertise worldwide using patented teaching methods. While the programs are consistent across all schools in the network, each school maintains its own distinct identity, reflecting the culture and expertise of the country where it is located (ESMOD, 2024).

The school exists since 1841 and represents over 14,000 alumni on Linkedin (Linkedin, 2024)

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Not applicable. The course has been closed since 2021/2022 and the Berlin ESMOD school has closed since year 2017 which offered this degree in the past (Preuss, 2017).

Course Aim & Content

Emphasizes sustainable fashion design and production, integrating ecological and ethical considerations into the curriculum.


Sustainable Business Management BA Honours

University of Westminster, UK

Crowned as the UK's first polytechnic in its founding year in 1838, the university counts nowadays to the 'most internationally diverse university in the UK' by the Hotcourses Index 2018. Furthermore, over 154,000 alumni are linked to its business page on the professional network platform Linkedin (Linkedin, 2024)

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 3-4 years
  • Language: English
  • Campuses: Marylbone, Central London
  • Application fee: UCAS, variable
  • Tuition fee/year: UK GBP 9,250 per year, International GBP 15,400 per year
  • Entry requirements: A levels - BBC (112 UCAS points), T levels - 112 UCAS points, BTEC Extended Diploma - DMM, GCSE Engliish Language grade 4/C or IELTS score of 6.0

Course Aim & Content

In today's business landscape, the challenge of thriving while prioritizing sustainability pervades every aspect of operations. The Sustainable Business Management BA program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for sustainable practices and instigate positive change within businesses.

Central to its curriculum is the cultivation of responsible leaders capable of navigating the evolving business landscape, where sustainability is integral to success.

Students are empowered to seamlessly integrate sustainable principles across all facets of

  • business management
  • spanning finance
  • marketing
  • operations
  • supply chain management

In a world marked by uncertainty and rapid transformation, adaptability is paramount.

The program seamlessly melds employability with sustainability, preparing students to excel in dynamic global, cultural, and technological business environments. 


MA Fashion Enterprise Creation

Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), Netherlands

AMFI stands as the sole fashion institute in the Netherlands that encompasses the entire fashion chain. Students have the option to specialize in Fashion & Design, Fashion & Management, or Fashion & Branding. All programs at AMFI are available in both Dutch and English, providing students with flexibility in language. Upon completion, students earn a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Textiles & Technology. Furthermore, AMFI provides a two-year, international Master program in Fashion Enterprise Creation (Linkedin, 2024).

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 2 years MA programme
  • Language: English
  • Campuses: AMFI Building names Koetsier Montagne House, on the HvA Amstel Campus
  • Application fee:
  • Tuition fee/year:

Course Aim & Content

Incorporates sustainability as a core principle, training students to create fashion businesses that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

AMFI's two-year MA program is designed to inspire and empower fashion entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to establish purpose-driven fashion businesses with a core focus on societal, cultural, or environmental missions. Rooted in the belief that significant change is imperative in fashion education to ensure the industry's long-term sustainability, this unique program assembles a diverse, international cohort of students united in the endeavor to reshape the fashion industry and drive positive global impact.

The curriculum of this MA program is structured around four tracks: Research, Business, Marketing & Branding, and Product & Service. Students engage with all four tracks, providing them with a comprehensive foundation in business research, practical entrepreneurial skills, and the expertise needed to develop innovative fashion concepts.




Sustainable Fashion Master

Polimoda, Italy

The Italy-based university exists since 1986 and known as one of the best fashion schools globally (POLIMODA, 2024).

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 32 Weeks
  • Language: English
  • Campuses:
  • Application fee:
  • Tuition fee/year: EUR 28,000

Course Aim & Content

The Master in Sustainable Fashion offers an up-to-date curriculum tailored to develop Sustainability Managers, Circular Economy Managers, and Fashion Diversity Managers.

Covering essential topics such as systems thinking, ethical fashion, circular business models, and eco-design, the program addresses critical themes on the contemporary global agenda. Students explore innovative materials research, upcycling, recycling, traceability, and community engagement, focusing on environmental health and the quality of fashion products. Structured into three main areas:

  • Brand Management & Fashion Sustainability,
  • Sustainable Production,
  • Global Economy

Topics include fashion sociology, sustainable business models, sustainable design strategies, new materials, production technologies, and future consumer behavior. Led by industry-resident teachers and international professionals, the program features guest lectures and field trips to production sites.

Students undertake two main projects, a Midterm Project and a Final Project, which can enhance their portfolios for internship and job applications. With a total of 700 contact hours and 80 credits, the course offers a comprehensive learning experience. 



Fashion Sustainability Bachelor

IFA Paris, France

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Language: English
  • Campuses: Paris, Online
  • Application fee: EUR 150
  • Tuition fee/year: Paris on-site EUR 9,400 per year; Online EUR 6,500 per year

Course Aim & Content

Combines fashion business education with sustainability, addressing environmental and ethical challenges in the fashion industry.

Within the United Nations framework, sustainability is defined by integrating the three pillars of environmental, economic, and social development.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is recommended as a sustainable approach for businesses to address environmental and social impacts systemically.

Companies are encouraged to adopt the "Triple Bottom Line" approach, balancing the three P’s: People, Planet, and Profit.

The Bachelor in Fashion Sustainability program focuses on how fashion houses can integrate lean, green, and CSR practices to influence sustainability. Students learn the importance of eco-efficiency and third-party certifications, exploring pioneering efforts by high-end brands in sustainability accounting.

They study tools like the Kering Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) and the Nike Index, which assess and report sustainability performance.

Students examine tools like the Higgs Index used by brands such as Patagonia and H&M for self-assessment and consumer communication. In their third year, design-focused students create a final collection adhering to sustainability criteria, while business-focused students complete a project on sustainable fashion environments.

The program follows the Higher Education Framework, awarding 180 ECTS credits upon completion, and is compliant with the Bologna Convention.




International Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation

EADA Business School Barcelona, Spain

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 0-3 years
  • Language: English
  • Campuses:
  • Application fee:
  • Tuition fee/year: EUR 27,000

Course Aim & Content

The Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation offers a distinctive methodology focused on developing critical thinking and design skills to analyze, implement, and inspire both economic and sustainable change. At EADA, we believe in going beyond traditional hard skills.

Their unique Leadership Training Center equips students with essential soft skills, empowering them to drive positive change and make a tangible impact in today's business landscape.

This pioneering program at EADA is globally recognized for its expertise in sustainability education. Students become part of a dynamic network of alumni who share a passion for sustainability and are actively engaged in the field.

With 11 successful editions, the program's reputation is founded on its proven track record of excellence.



Minor in Sustainable Fashion and Textile Management

Aalto University, Finland

Aalto University stands out in science, art, technology, and business, fostering breakthroughs and societal renewal through research-based knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset. Ranked 7th globally among young universities (Top 50 under 50, QS 2018) and recognized for innovative research collaboration (THE 2017), Aalto boasts six schools with nearly 12,000 students and 4,000 employees, including 400 professors.

With campuses in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland, and 37% of faculty recruited internationally, Aalto promotes disciplinary excellence alongside multidisciplinary collaboration.

Established in 2010 through the merger of three leading Finnish universities, Aalto University continues to drive innovation and excellence in education and research (Linkedin, 2024).

Course Specifications & Requirements 

  • Duration: 2-3 years
  • Language: English
  • Campuses: School of Business
  • Application fee: N/a
  • Tuition fee/year: EUR 12,000 per year

Course Aim & Content

An interdisciplinary program that includes sustainable design, combining art, business, and technology to address sustainability challenges in fashion.

"Sustainability is the new black."

The minor in Sustainable Fashion and Textile Management provides a holistic understanding of integrating sustainability into fashion and textile business practices.

Emphasizing the importance of environmental, social, and long-term economic sustainability, this minor prepares students to incorporate these considerations into the design, creativity, and retail aspects of fashion and garment businesses, ensuring they remain future-proof.



Conclusion & What's Next? 

These programs are well-regarded for their emphasis on sustainability and ethics in fashion, preparing students to lead the industry towards more sustainable practices.

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