´The Sustainability Forum´ Sustainability Event Conference London January 2023

´The Sustainability Forum´ Sustainability Event Conference London January 2023


Fashion Aftermath is introducing an exciting event around sustainability, the Sustainability Forum.

Hosted by RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts) and King Stage Institute of Sustainability and Innovation in London, this event highlights the shift towards sustainable development and growth that is entangled with the digital revolution.


Fashion Aftermath Sustainability Conference London


It also addresses the effectiveness of sustainable organizations, the integration of ESG standards, and the incorporation of modern sustainable investment measures into new business models.

Companies must examine their ability to change and decide where innovation should be concentrated to create value.

This debate will focus on the best methods to communicate with stakeholders, carry out difficult sustainability efforts, and acquire transitional tools to create the future economy.

The event will include over 200 attendees, 60% of whom are CEOs and executive speakers, and 80% of whom are senior manager level. The agenda includes speeches and presentations from BBC Studios, Oxfordshire County Council, H&M, and other prominent organizations.

The Sustainability Forum will take place on Monday, the 16th of January 2023, from 13:30 – 17:30 GMT at RSA House in London.



Who host this event?

 The event will be hosted by RSA (The royal society for the encouragement of arts) and King Stage Institute of Sustainability and Innovation in London, United Kingdom.

 The sustainability forum London local business conference


How to Attend the Sustainability Forum

To be part of this opportunity, you should be able to access the ticket sales via this link: Get tickets here


Date/time: Monday, the 16th of January 2023, 13:30 – 17:30 GMT

Where to find the event: RSA House, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ

What is This Event About?

With the shift to sustainable development and growth, a new change that was entangled with the digital revolution began.

The world we live in has evolved because of climate change.

Regarding the digital turns, it has differed how we interact with one another, live and work nowadays.

The integration of ESG standards, the incorporation of modern sustainable investment measures into new business models It also addresses the effectiveness of sustainable organisations.


Sustainability Blog Fashion Aftermath


It points out that there is an increase in requests for emerging technology skills.

Nonetheless, there is even change in professions, the delivery of transversal programmes, and the influence business functions impose on each department all present their own challenges and impacts while companies go through a profound transformation.

Companies must assist each functional area examine its ability to change, find areas for optimization, and decide where innovation should be concentrated in order to create value.

The debate will centre on the best methods for effectively communicating with stakeholders, carrying out difficult sustainability efforts, and acquiring transitional instruments to create the future economy.


Who to expect at the the Sustainability Forum


  • More than 200 ATTENDEES
  • 60 percent of attendees are CEOs & EXECUTIVE SPEAKERS
  • 80 percent of attendees are SENIOR MANAGER LEVEL

The Sustainability Forum Agenda

See below further details around the event´s schedule. Please, do let us know if you have any questions. 


13.30 - 14.00 - Registration


14.00 - 14.10 - Opening Speech

The director of the design and innovation division has just recently posted an article in which she speaks about her journey and mentions aspects of her work like the future of fashion. Read more here

The (ISI) institute of Sustainability and Innovation, is made of the sustainability and innovation research lab at the university.

They claim to offer a destination for established businesses, academics and other groups collectively making an effort to solve existing and arising issues.


14.10 - 14.25 - BBC Studios

Storytelling as a means of inspiring and educating

  • BBC Studios: The biggest video distributor outside of Hollywood and Bollywood, aims to inform viewers about climate change in the UK and around the world through a variety of genres. Sally Mills, Head of Sustainability at BBC Studios


14.40 - Biodiversity and climate change

The environmental impact of cultivated meat - Dr Artun Sukan, Head of Strategic Partnership at Higher Steaks

Food company higher stakes´ business idea reflects on current issues within the meat production industry.

It is not new that meat offered in supermarkets across the country may contain antibiotics.

Apart from that, animals like cows or chicken live in unhuman conditions.

When Higher Steak comes into play, a revolutionary method of cell cultures is combined with small sample of animal cells creates an exciting product.

Existing cells are fed to receive growth.

At this stage, those cells are trained to acquire fat, muscles as well as other layers forming the final good.

The market for meat has reached an astonishing market cap of 1.4 trillion dollars (Quested, 2020).


15.10 - Skillset for Sustainability professionals (EIT Climate KIC)

How to become a leader in sustainability - Ashley Tamburello, Co-Head of Education and learning at EIT Climate KIC

  • The organisation EIT Climate KIC is co-founded by the European Union as visible on its homepage.
  • A landing page introduces you immediately to recent content.
  • Furthermore, the enterprise happily takes donations.

Skills required for sustainability experts - Olian Dura, DEAN at King Stage Business School

  • Harvard business review skills counts a range of skills preferable for a career in sustainability. Among ´strong leadership´, also forward-thinking and problem solving play a role in having a diverse skillset (Harvard Business Review, 2021).


15.40 - ESG frameworks in the financial sector

  • Julia Groves, MD at British Business Bank

International Frameworks for Banking and Finance - Martin Möller, ESG lead at algbra

Current trends in impact investing - Laetitia Girolami-Boyer, Sustainable Finance Director at BNP Paribas


15.40 - 16.10 - Net Zero is a pathway for cost reduction

Net zero and airports - the global response to climate change,

  • Luton Airport | Graham Olver CEO at Luton Rising
  • Luton rising is a sole shareholder social enterprise with focus on community benefits. The organisation provides insights on sustainability strategies, net zero strategy and other topics.

Business commitments for the net zero strategy objectives

Energy consumption in businesses and carbon emission

  • Adedayo Adegbayibi, Head of Sustainability at NHS


16.10 - 16.40 - Building a fundamental understanding of SDGs for companies

Transition to sustainable development

Advantages for companies and the environment


16.40 - Closing of the Event


16.40 - 17.00 - Networking


17.00 - Cocktail for Selected VIP which will be private


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