London Fashion Week 2022: Designer & Schedule

Featured Designers London Fashion Week September 2022 + Dates & Schedule presented by Fashion Aftermath the No.1 Vintage Clothing Recycling Platform in the UK

London Fashion Week 2022: Designer & Schedule

The Paris Fashion Week is probably the most important fashion show worldwide right after the New York Fashion Week.

Only the top designer of the industry show their seasonal fashion styles for invited guests or those who pay premium price tickets.

For many professionals in the fashion industry, this event is a fashion trend monitor to plan ahead and meet customers expectations. 



Fashion Aftermath presents London Fashion Week Schedule & Designer Summary + Useful Links 2022




This year´s 2022 Paris Fashion Week Key Dates

Start Date: Monday, 26th September 2022

End Date: Tuesday, 4th October 2022

Random Fact: For the search “Paris fashion week 2022 September” are 124,000,000 results available on google search (Google, 2022).

The fashion week is back this September in year 2022 in Paris. Find out more about the worldwide biggest fashion spectacle in the heart of France. 

For the search “paris fashion week 2022 September” are 124,000,000 results available on google search (Google, 2022)


The bi-annual Fashion Week London

Short (LFW), the London Fashion Week is a celebrated trade show which is hosted twice a year in the UK´s capital. 


Fashion Aftermath Presents: London Fashion Week 2022 Schedule & Designer Overview - Useful Links and Descriptions based on references.


Quick Bite: Fashion Week Short Codes 



 Coding Description
ACC Accessories
MW Menswear
MW/WW Menswear/Womenswear
WW Womenswear
FT BFC Fashion Trust

BFC/Vogue Designer

Fashion Fund Winner


(London Fashion Week, 2022)


London Fashion Week Featured Designers & Schedule


London Fashion Week Featured Designer presented by Fashion Aftermath


We collected data accessible for the public provided by London Fashion Week´s homepage (London Fashion Week, 2022).

Every designer featured as named by schedule is briefly descripted based on their background, styles, market (segments) operating in, achievements and (if applicable) sustainability efforts. 


Noon by Noor SS23 - 08:30 - 09:30 WW

Instagram: @noonbynoor

The designers behind the brand are two arab cousins, named Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa (Bains, 2021). 

The brand serves primarily the luxury womenswear segment since 2008 addressing a global audience.

Designs are an understated luxury and encourages a confident feminine sense are combined in modern, aesthetic, and ethos (Noon by Noor, 2022).

Both female founders have also made an appearance at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) while almost operating for a decade (London Fashion Week, 2022).

Newest designs may include faux fur, but it appears that the brand has not addressed sustainability at all. 

You can shop Noon by Noor´s ready-to-wear clothing lines 24/7 online (see homepage link above).

For those who want to learn more about the designers intentions towards the fashion week, you may revisit the interview by Harpers Bazaar Arabia (Ahmed, 2020).


Bethany Williams - Static Installation - NG - 09:30 am - MW 

Instagram: @bethany_williams_london

Another British fashion designer appearing at this year´s fashion week is Bethany Wiliams.

Growing up on the Isle of Man, she is now located in London following values like social and environmental matters.

Alone in 2019, the female designer won the Queen Elizabeth II Award, has been a finalist for the same year´s LVMH Prize and won the Emerging Menswear Designer of the year at the Fashion Awards.

Furthermore, she was listed on the Business of Fashion 500 in year 2020 showcasing professionals of the fashion industry who form the globalised Fashion Industry (Bethany Williams, 2022).


Leo Carlton - NG - 09:30 - 11:30 am - ACC

Instagram: @leocarlotonworld

Leo Carlon is a designer located in London specialised on headwear as well as fashion artefacts.

He is also a ex-studio tenant and counts as alumni of the Sarabande Foundation, a charity created by famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen (London Fashion Week, 2022).

´Leo combines VR sculpts, 3D scanning and printing with a test lab of biomaterials.

An exploration into the convergence of digital and physical, sustainable realities.´  


SOHUMAN - 09:30 - 11:30 am - ACC 

Instagram: @sohumanbrand

SOHUMAN is in fact a fashion activism platform for social entrepreneurs. Their DNA is based on three components like ´radical transparency, exceptional quality, and ethical factories´ (London Fashion Week, 2022).

Specialising on extraordinary quality, the brand relies on ethical production and aims to enforce ´radical transparency´ (Sohuman, 2022).

This means, customers are able to receive insights on the actual cost of each product.

Thus, cost of producing a garment piece include the material, labor, tax, transport, packaging and final real cost.

They claim to have close contact to their suppliers and partners, e.g. visiting factories, regular quality assurance and building personal relationships across their production network.

The clothing styles by Sohuman are made to last.  


Temperley London - 10:30 - 18:30 am/pm - WW

Instagram: @temperleylondon

Established in year 2000 by Alice Temperley, the fashion designer acquired academic education at the Royal College of Art.

Later in year 2006, she founded another line called Temperly Bridal standing for ´ethereal, timeless silhouettes and is inspired by the roance and decadence of a bygone era.´ (Temperley London, 2022)

Not to forget, Alice is also respected member of the British Fashion Council Advisory Board and is one of the ambassadors for Women for Women International.

The designer brand has multiple stores located in London, Somerset and Dubai. Climate conscious.

Their clothing lines are even distributed through fashion online retailer Farfetch


Paul Costelloe - 11:00 am - WW

Instagram: @paulcostelloeofficial

The designer calls himself or more specifically his brand not a label but an expression of certain philosophies and values (Paul Costelloe, 2022).

The designer is also member of the British Fashion Council. Apart from catwalk clothing lines, bags, eyewear and living for both men and women are available for sale online. 


Sarah Regensburger11:30 - 13:30 am/pm - WW

Instagram: @sarahregensburger_official

A highlight among the listed designers is another London-based fashion designer, Sarah Regensburger, a German/Iranian creative.

Her designs are directed at ´rebels´, doing things differently and associate to a glamourous, punky touch.

More importantly Sarah´s fashion collections are Vegan! In mind for the future of fashion, the brand supports sustainability within the fashion industry (London Fashion Week, 2022).

Alternative materials used are for example Bamboo fur or cactus leather (Sarah Regensburger, 2022).

The young label has been established just in 2019 and has gained recognition and is distributed through German apparel retailer Zalando, Wolf & Badger and more. 


Bora Aksu - 12:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @bora_aksu

British designer Bora Aksu graduated in 2002 from Central St Martin´s.Described his work as

´darker twist his demi-couture pieces are full of elegance, intrigue and seduction. Hand-crafted, layering and texture contrast, muted colour and volume´, his designs are also underlined by romantic flairs (Bora Aksu, 2022).

The Guardian called him ´one of the top five shows´ back in year 2003, just one year after completing his Master´s degree, whish is truly impressing.

Vogue also reported about his Ready-to-Wear collection for 2023, including beauty, participated models and runway styles (Vogue, 2022).

The apparel company leads an astonishing amount of 61 boutiques within the Asia Pacific Region (London Fashion Week, 2022).  


FASHION EAST - 13:00 pm - MM/WW



HARRI - NG - 13:30 - 15:30 pm

Instagram: @harri_ks

HARRI has been mentioned by Hypebeast as one of the emerging designers to be seen at the London Fashion Week SS23 (Hypebeast, 2022).

The designer concentrates on Menswear fashion and mostly works inbetween India and London.

His ambition communicated through his designs is an intertwined combination of ´Craft, Materiality and Fashion. His pieces reflect contrast and larger than life proportions shifting between textiles made of wood to performance sculptures.´ (London Fashion Week, 2022)



Instagram: @edwardcrutchley


POSTER GIRL - 16:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @poster__girl_official


Mark Fast - 17:00 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @mark_fast


HELEN KIRKUM - NG - 17:30 - 19:30 ACC

Instagram: @helenkirkumstudio


KNWLS - 18:00 pm - WW

South London-based label has been set up by two partners, Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault.

KNWLS´s collections are available for purchase online via clothing retailer Farfetch

Instagram: @knwlslondon


paria/FARZANEH - 19:00 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @pariafarzaneh


Chopova Lowena - 20:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @chopovalowena


Jasmine SS22 - 20:30 - 22:00 pm - WW 



Mishus SS 2023 - 20:30 - 22:30 pm - WW

Instagram: @mishusdesigns


TRAN HUNG - 20:30 - 22:30 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @tranhungofficial



Designer at London Fashion Week Schedule Physical 17th Sep 2022


Paolo Carzana - NG - 09:30 - 11:30 - MW

Instagram: @carzana


TOGA - 09:30 - 12:30 am/pm - WW

Instagram: @togaarchives

The female founder behind the brand, Yasuko Furuta, set her empire up in Tokyo in year 1997.

A couple years later in year 2005 TOGA showcased it´s clothing styles in Paris, France and started to participate in the London Fashion Week from year 2014 onwards.

The apparel business has won the ANDAM award in 2007 and celebrated it´s 20th birthday at The National Art Centre located in Tokyo, Japan (London Fashion Week, 2022).


HELEN ANTHONY - 10:00 am - MW/WW

Instagram: @helenanthonyofficial


RAY CHU - 10:30 - 12:30 - MW/W

Instagram: @raychustudios


Eudon Choi - 11:00 am - WW

Instagram: @eudonchoi


MASHA POPOVA - 12:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @mashapopovap


PAUL & JOE - 13:00 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @paulandjoeparis


Dilara Findikoglu - 14:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @dilarafindikoglu


RIXO - 14:30 - 16:30 pm - WW

Instagram: @rixo

The label has been founded by two designers, Orlag and Henrietta Tag.

Till this day, there are three physical store located in London, United Kingdom. 


Stephen Jones Millinery - 14:30 - 18:00 - ACC

Instagram: @stephenjonesmillinery

The british designer Stephan Jones Millinery was born in Cheshire, UK and stepped once into the London fashion scene with remarkable links to 70s styles. 


Huishan Zhang - 15:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @huishanzhang


hai - 15:30 - 16:30 pm - WW

Instagram: @haiclothing

The brand´s name hai, is a word in the Mandarin language standing for ´sea´. 


Molly Goddard - 16:00 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @mollygoddard

This clothing brand offers a range of Womenswear like Ready-to-wear collections, Bridal Fashion, Shoes as well as accessories.

Molly is a true Londoner, who also studied at one of the best Universities for Fashion education worldwide: Central Saint Martins.

Her styles lean onto connection between restraints and maximalism (London Fashion Week, 2022)


S.S. Daley - NG - 17:00 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @stevenstokeydaley

 Vogue features his highlights in a recent article published in fall 2022 (Mower, 2022)


PHOEBE ENGLISH - 17:30 - 19:30 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @phoebeenglish

English fashion designer Phoebe English has been making herself a name primarily within the womenswear segment since 2011 when launching her clothing business.


FEBEN - NG - 18:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @feben.x

FEBEN receives a lot attraction from celebrities as ELLE magazine figured during the spring season (Jackson, 2022).

Also Vogue could not resist describing her Fall 2022 designs of the Ready-to-Wear Collection as ´instantly recognizable signatures´ (Kessler, 2022). FEBEN´s clothing is ready to be shopped to your home via fashion online retailer Ssense.


Pam Hogg - 19:00 pm  - MW/WW

Instagram: @pamhoggfashion


JW Anderson - 20:00 pm - WW

Instagram: @jw_anderson



L SAHA Spring/Summer 2023 - 20:30 pm - 21:50 - WW

Instagram: @lsahaofficial

The fashion brand focuses on luxury womenswear and timeless designs. L Saha believes in environmental-friendly practices and promotes social values. 


Jaded Life Collective Time Traveller Catwalk Six Park Lane - 20:30 - 21:00 pm - MW/WW

Instagram: @jadedlifecollective

Jaded Life produces bespoke premium menswear designed by Sibu Dladla which are made both in South Africa and the UK. 


RUE AGTHONIS SS23 Runway Show - 20:30 - 21:30 pm - WW

Instagram: @rueagthonis

The RUE AGTHONIS collection is awash in timeless and endearing elements, like sequins, ostrich hair, crystal diamonds, animal prints, and the designer's distinctive double R emblem.

Her French name certainly had influence on the brand´s name creation (Rue Agthonis, 2022).

If you ever visit Shanghai, China, you should definitely pay their Flagship store a visit.


ALL THINGS FASHION - 20:30 - 22:00 pm - MW/WW

(Free) Tickets - Event Creator: Diana Dahlia Public Relations

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