How to Measure Your Skirt Perfectly!

How to Measure Your Skirt Perfectly!

Measure A Skirt Like a Pro

Skirts are an essential clothing item for any wardrobe.

They come in infinite styles, lengths, and shapes, making them the perfect piece to dress up or down. But we all can agree on one thing: measuring skirts can be a little bit tricky.

But don't worry, Fashion Aftermath is here to help!

In this post, I'll show you how to measure your skirt perfectly, step-by-step, with pictures.

What Tools You Need to Measure a Skirt

Before we dive into the measuring process, let's talk about the tools you'll need.

You'll need a measuring tape, a flat surface to work on, and, most importantly, a skirt you want to measure.

So grab your skirt and let's get started.

1. Measure the waist

The first step is to measure the waist.

Simply, place the skirt flat on the surface and use your measuring tape to measure the top of the skirt, where the waistband sits.

Make sure the tape is level and straight, and don't pull the tape too tight.

Once you've got the measurement, write it down.

2. Measure the hips

The second step is to measure the hips.

Move your measuring tape down to the fullest part of your hips, and again, make sure the tape is level and straight.

Measure all the way around, and write down the measurement.

3. Measure the length

The third and final step is to measure the length of your skirt.

Place the tape measure at the top of the skirt's waistband and let it hang straight down the entire length of the skirt.

Be sure to take into account any hemline or trim, and measure down to the bottom of the skirt. Write down the measurement.

4. Check the fit

Once you've got all your measurements, it's essential to check the fit.

Compare your waist and hip measurements to the size chart of the skirt you want to buy.

If you're buying online, most retailers provide detailed size charts for their skirts.

However, if you're buying in-store, try the skirt on to ensure it fits comfortably.

Alter the skirt (Optional)

If the skirt doesn't fit well, don't worry. Alterations are always an option.

You can take the skirt to a tailor and have it adjusted to your exact measurements.

This step is particularly common when dealing with vintage skirts or skirts that are no longer available in your size.


Measuring skirts can be tricky, but with the right tools and steps, you can ensure a perfect fit every time.

Remember to take accurate measurements and compare them to the size chart of the skirt you want to buy.

And if alterations are needed, don't hesitate to take the skirt to a tailor.

With these tips, you'll never have to worry about ill-fitting skirts again. Happy shopping!

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