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Apricot Vintage Y2K Cream White Sequin Tank Top (L)

Apricot Vintage Y2K Cream White Sequin Tank Top (L)

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Apricot Vintage Fashion Sequin Tank Top

  • Remarks: Looks darker in pictures due to the black background, and the item is quite see-through
  • Colour: Cream-white colour
  • Fashion Era: Vintage Fashion, Y2K top
  • Sourcing Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Occasion: Easy-to-style for the beach or holidays: Ibiza outfits
  • Strap type: Wide straps tank top for extra comfort with a perfect look for summer
  • Benefits: True Y2K fashion
  • Condition: Good, Some Sequins are missing but can be repaired as part of a DIY or upcycling project
  • Size: L

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