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CROMBIE: Classic Midi Skirt Vintage Black Pleaded (S)

CROMBIE: Classic Midi Skirt Vintage Black Pleaded (S)

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Classic Midi Skirt Vintage Pleaded

  • Fashion Era: Vintage, Second-hand
  • Clothing Category: Skirts, bottoms
  • Color: Grey
  • Gender: Women
  • Tag information: Pure New Pool Cloth by CROMBIE
  • Country of manufacturing: Made in the United Kingdom
  • Brand: CROMBIE
  • Size: S

About the brand

  • The Iconic Crombie coat, a timeless and refined garment, traces its origins back to the 1800s when the Crombie company established itself as a renowned producer of exquisite woolens.
  • Distinguished by their exceptional quality and timeless designs, Crombie fabrics quickly gained favour among discerning tailors.
  • In a testament to their prestige, Crombie began providing tailors with labels to proudly adorn their bespoke coats crafted from Crombie cloth.
  • These labels became coveted emblems of sophistication, setting genuine Crombie creations apart from imitations. The demand for "real" Crombie coats grew steadily, cementing the brand's reputation as a purveyor of unparalleled craftsmanship.
  • The Crombie legacy was further solidified when the Oxford Dictionary officially recognized the term "Crombie," defining it as a type of overcoat or jacket exclusively produced by J&J Crombie Ltd.
  • Beyond bespoke tailoring, Crombie expanded its reach by venturing into ready-to-wear garments, particularly for military personnel. This strategic move allowed Crombie to introduce its signature style to a broader audience, while also aligning with the company's commitment to serving those in need.
  • As Crombie embarked on its second century of existence, its enduring appeal attracted a diverse clientele of renowned figures, including Hollywood icons, presidents, heads of state, and members of the royal family.
  • These esteemed individuals embraced the Crombie coat as a symbol of elegance and refined taste, further solidifying its статус as a cultural icon (Crombie, 2023).

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