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Jacques Vert: Vintage Blouse Pink Light Modest Summer Women's Top (L)

Jacques Vert: Vintage Blouse Pink Light Modest Summer Women's Top (L)

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Vintage Blouse by Jacques Vert

  • Fashion era: Vintage blouse by
  • Brand: Jacques Vert
  • Style: Boho chic
  • Fit: Made to fit
  • Country of manufacturing: Made in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  • Size: D38 / F42 / GB12 / L
  • Benefits: High-quality, lightweight fabric, versatile
  • Occasion: Fits casual outfits or modest, ideal for summer or workbusiness looks

About The Brand

  • Calvetron Brands Limited, previously known as Jacques Vert Group and Style Group Brands, is a prestigious British fashion house and retailer specializing in women's fashion concessions.
  • Operating across over 470 locations (UK, Europe, and Canada), Calvetron Brands boasts a portfolio of seven distinguished brands: Jacques Vert, Windsmoor, Precis, Kaliko, Planet, Eastex, and Dash.
  • The roots of the company trace back to 1972, when Jack Cynamon and Alan Green, two skilled tailors from London's East End, founded it.
  • Their breakthrough came in 1977 when they introduced a coordinated fashion line, merging their names with a touch of French flair to launch the Jacques Vert brand as a public entity.
  • The business evolved into a conglomerate of fashion retailing under multiple brands in December 2002, following the acquisition of William Baird PLC.
  • This strategic move brought in three additional women's fashion labels – Planet, Precis Petite, and Windsmoor.
  • Furthering its expansion, in 2010, the company debuted Just Last Season, a multi-brand retail website (Wikipedia, 2024).

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