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Vintage Chain Necklace Bracelet Silver Pearly Stones

Vintage Chain Necklace Bracelet Silver Pearly Stones

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Vintage Chain Bracelet

  • Vintage Chain Bracelet
  • Long, silver-toned chain necklace with a delicate and intricate design
  • It has a thin, rope-like appearance, likely achieved through multiple strands twisted together
  • The unique woven or breaded pattern throughout its length, adds visual interest and texture
  • Closure appears small and discreet, maintaining the delicate aesthetic of the necklace
  • The chain is lightweight and flexible and can be used as a bracelet, too
  • Sourced in London, United Kingdom
  • Vintage costume jewelry
  • Pre-loved accessories
  • Beautiful gifts for women
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Colors: Silver, green, pearl, white, cream, turquoise

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